Trust yourself and believe

Trust yourself and believe

Trust yourself and believe, whatever happens, don’t give up – William Kamkwamba.

Watch this Ted talk and see a truly inspirational man who took a simple concept and changed his life.

William Kamkwamba - How I harnessed the wind

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Marcus Oh Really Us (From the Latin: Marcus Oh (as in Oh My) Really (are you sure) Us (we are all in this together); Yes I am still alive). I am generally considered of the most important of the Stoic philosophers and always trying to keep ahead of my alter ego Marcus Aurelius, of Gladiator fame. I spend my days trying to understand the difference between a rock and a hard place (isn’t a rock a hard place?). I love to ponder what will be or sometimes … to be or not to be for that matter. I am often referred to as your Humorousness; others just call me goofy/silly, but just don’t call me late for dinner. He loves his food, often heard saying, “where is the nearest buffet?”

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    Amberr Meadows Oct 19 2011 - 2:06 am Reply

    I just love inspiration–especially the uplifting kind found here for the laughing hearts. Big (((((HUGS)))))

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    straightfromtheheart Feb 9 2012 - 3:56 am Reply

    What an amazing young man! Such passion, belief in himself, and the audacity to attempt what he could barely read, only imagine and had never actually seen. What excuses do we have as we sit on our nice leather couches in our air conditioned rooms, lamenting ‘woe is me, I can’t ever catch a break’…..

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    Wanda Einfeldt May 28 2013 - 8:58 pm Reply

    What an inspirational young man William is! His speech brought tears to my eyes. I need that kind of belief!!

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